Specific paddling techniques
Boofing stoppers
Safety and Rescue training
Live bait
Paddling Courses
Whitewater specific canoes
Traditional canoe technique
Solo or tandem
Wave surfing skills
Whitewater paddling
Whitewater paddling technique instruction
Canoe paddles
Canoe paddles

Talking about paddles amongst paddlers is like a never ending story. Nowadays there are so many types [ ... ]

Forward paddle stroke
Forward paddle stroke

Forward stroke aka goon stroke Forward plus stern pry This stroke is the combination of a forward stroke [ ... ]

Face your working area
Face your working area

When paddling a canoe, it's important to face your working area. Not only visually, but with your complete [ ... ]

Moving backwards
Moving backwards

Moving backwards Moving backward is an important skill to have. Not only to prevent turning your boat [ ... ]

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